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BELTEI Group established BELTEI Tour to contribute and improve Tourism Sector in Cambodia with the Royal Government that has the Ministry of Tourism as its general headquarter. BELTEI Tour has the duty to guide local and international tourists and inform about the abundant treasures and culture of Cambodia including territory, nature, exquisite temples, and beautiful bays, which have become a member of the most beautiful bays in the world Club. Moreover, BELTEI Tour has the duty to guide Cambodian people to visit other tour destinations around the world in order to know about the general situations and to extract experiences from those developed countries for steadily innovating and developing ourselves and the society of Cambodia in the future.



Field Trip of BELTEI IS Grade 12 Students to Sambo Prey Kuk Temple
Family Trip of Alliance Pharma Canbodge to Sihanouk Ville Organized by BELTEI Tours & Travel
Annual Trip for BELTEI Tour Staff to Haven Island Organized by BELTEI Tour

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