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Sihanoukville is a province that was cut out of Kampong Speu and Kampot provinces in 1945 by King Norodom Sihanouk. Sihanoukville is the largest city in the northwest of Cambodia. The town was re-established on December 4, 1959. Sihanouk Ville's pre-1959 name was Kampong Som. Sihanoukville is in the middle between Thailand and Vietnam, and Sihanoukville is the most important city in the Gulf of Thailand and one of the most popular tourist destinations. The province is southwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia, located 232 kilometers from Phnom Penh along National Road 4, through three different provinces: Kandal (Ang Snuol), Kampong Speu (Samraong Tong, Chbar Morn and Phnom Sruoch). Sihanoukville (Kampong Seila District and Prey Nop District). The province covers an area of 2538,68 km ², divided into 1 city (Sihanoukville), 3 districts, 5 Sangkat, 22 Communes, and 111 villages. For the population, 20% are high, 50% are middle class and 30% are still poor. The total coastline of Cambodia covers 440 km in 4 provinces, including Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, Kampot and Kep, or K4. The Districts and City of the province as the following: 1. Sihanouk City 2. Kampong Seila District 3. Prey Nop 4. Stung Hav District.

Originally Kompong Som was a land in Sre Ambel district, Koh Kong province. And Sre Ambel district has a gulf that extends to Sihanoukville today. There are all kinds of mangroves and forests, especially the rattan species known as rattan and many species of vultures. The people in the area are very few and their livelihoods are poor. So they make their living by hiking and fishing. Some people cut down the rattan floats, floated through the water, and parked at the edge of a pond to sell on their roofs and to sell some money. People always bring the rattan to park at the water station every time the people in the area are called Kompong Som. Whereas people in the East of Kampong Speu are visiting when they visit the West District, they always say (go to Kompong Som, Sre Ambel District). Why is Kompongsom called Preah Sihanouk?

Sihanoukville is a tourist destination with beautiful beaches in Asia. The history of the province has made this province even more special: Sihanoukville Bay is considered to be a member of the World's Most Beautiful Beaches Club, which is a proud Cambodia, we are international. Preah Sihanouk Province is rich in important tourist attractions such as:


Independence Beach gets its name from the deserted hulk of the 7-storey Independence Hotel at the north end. Locals call this beach hotel 7 floors, it is Label 7(7 chann beach). on the in town street sigh, this beach almost a kilometer long, the sandy area is much narrower making the beach best when the tide is low.  This beach is very nice and popular for foreigner, because of this place not so many local people come.
Kbal Chhay was discovered in 1960. Three years later, it was developed into a reservoir to supply clean water to the city of Sihanouk Province. The reservoir construction, however, was interrupted due to civil war, and the site became a hide-out for khmer Rouge. In 1997, Kbal Chhay was maked for development, and year later Kok An Company was awarded a contract to construct the road and develop the site for tourism.
Koh Rong Island is a Cambodian Island in the Gulf of Thailand, at about 40km off the coast of Sihanoukville. Actually, the island in the Gulf of Thailand, at about 40 km of the coast of Sihanouk Province, Actually the Island is deserted, Now a day have developed this area to became a very nice tourist attraction. Tourists could go by big speed boat just about 45mn to get this Island, the unique great sand of this going to be very famous tourists  destination of Cambodia  very soon.
The untouched beach of Ream is located in the Ream National Park. Take Route 4 to the Airport road 18km north of town. Behind the beach is a mangrove swamp, which attracts a wide variety of tropical birds. The beaches to the left nearer the Naval Base now have a few vendors selling drinks and renting tubes. There is a small guesthouse run by the National Park.. The Ream Beach in Sihanoukville is the perfect place that takes you away from the crowded life of the town. Located on the outskirts it is almost a haven for nature lovers. It brings to you the best of creation and will surely captivate you to come back to it again and again.
Koh Sam Porth or Prince's Island is part of the Ream National Park in Prey Nop district, Preah Sihanouk province. To get to this natural island, we have to take the exit from National Road 4 to Ream National Park, about 14 kilometers, and then we will see a small island lying on its surface. Like a prince, the island of Koh Sam Porth goes into the sea about 140 meters from the coast. Connected from the beach, a wooden bridge stretches across the sea, waiting to take tourists to visit the small islets covered with lush vegetation. A charming place, Koh Sam Porth is about 250 meters wide; with a wooden bridge surrounding that provides tourists with a view of the island.

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