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Kampot is a city in southern Cambodia and the capital of Kampot Province. It is situated at the Praek Tuek Chhu River southeast of the Elephant Mountains and around 5 km from the Gulf of Thailand.

Kampot known as the last Province where the France came to make Colonial on year 1889. That because of the potential of this country so good for France colonial (Mountain, River, Sea, and agriculture as like pepper). There are manay actractive place such as: Thansure Bokor resort, Kampong Trach, Kep, Tada waterfall, Nattaya Resort, Rabit island…etc


Kep National Park is located about 25km from Kampot city and 173km from Phnon Penh. According to the Royal Degree of the former King Norodom Sihanouk, to prevent from deforestation and environmental development, it was considered as one of the National Parks of Cambodia on November 01, 1993. It’s covered 5.000 hectares, which bound the National Road N° 16 to the north, the National Road N° 162 to the east and the west, and the sea of Cambodia to the south. Covered by the maritime of Cambodia, this Kep National Park also offers the most delicious and fresh sea food such as crabs, fishes, squids, and oysters, etc. Moreover, its beach has attracted many tourists both local and international. From the east to the west of this national park is the mangrove forest, which is the most important habitats of the aquatic creatures of Cambodia and others animals and birds.
Kep Beach is one of Cambodia's 26km long coastline and island. There are 13 other islands within the administrative area of Kep. Kep Beach seems to be narrow and black, with no white sand like the other beaches in Cambodia seaside area. Tourists can come and enjoy the fresh air on the beaches, with its gusty waves and can taste fresh crabs that are especially delicious. In particular, you will be able to see a white lady statue sitting and facing to the open sea where all tourists could take a photo as it’s one of the most beautiful place among Kep’s landmark.
Tonsay Island or Rabbit Island is located in southwestern of Cambodia and about 4.5km from Kep town. There was a legendary about this island which named this island as “Romsay” then people called it for short as “Tonsay” meaning “Rabbit” in Khmer. With the twin beautiful whitest beaches, theirs shallow transparent sea water, these have made the Rabbit island become the richest sightseeing and tropical leisure destination. Not only for visitors, the scientists, and environmentalists can enjoy the snorkeling, beautiful corals, and varieties of aquatic creatures. Moreover, you will have a peaceful homestay in the huts on the island with privacy feeling and natural experience. Koh Poh is another island located in Kep. This isolated and quiet hidden paradise has played an important role to offer the best and happiest leisure activities for all visitors and travelers.
Sor Sear Mountain is also one of tourism site which is about 14 km from the town of Kep. There are 4 different caves in this mountain such as 1. Elephant King Cave, 2. 100 Rice Fields Cave, 3. The Black-White Cave, and 4. the Bat Cave. The most attracted site among the 4 caves is the Elephant King Cave, which has little temples and some of rocks shaped as similar as the real elephants. Visitors can enjoy the Bat Cave to see large amount of bats and listen to theirs freaking sound. Phnom Pone is also the natural resort which is close to the sea of Cambodia. This mountain is rarely visited yet it has beautiful tropical forest and beaches.
Butterfly Farm is a new tour destination which owns by the private body and located in Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort or Jasmine Valley Trail. It aims to eventually create employment by training local Cambodians to farm butterflies, to satisfy an export market. In the meantime, we have a netted butterfly garden and our manager, Abe, will be very happy to show you through the life-cycle of nature's most delicate, beautiful creatures.
The town of Kampong Trach, Kampot is a small one but still offers enough attractions to the tourists. Here you would find various limestone caves and tubes in a nearby mountain. Once there was also a large cave in the center of the mountain whose roof had collapsed and thus a small enclosed jungle had been formed in the area. In the caves you would find various pagodas and caves which are excellent sightseeing attractions. Therefore, do not forget to bring a flashlight and always a pair of good walking shoes.
Veal Lumher is a lovely little site tucked away in Kep Village of Kep Commune. Veal Lumher refers to the Koh Puor or the Puor Island. It has become as one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists who are looking for spending a few days far away from the crowds of more 'touristy' places. Arriving here is easy and convenient. If you are traveling from the provincial town, a 0.5 km journey will take you to the Veal Lumher in Kep City. A maximum of 3 minutes' ride and you will find yourself at one of the most beautiful corners in the land of Cambodia.

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