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BELTEI TOURS & TRAVEL would offer the highest quality service of the domestic tour to the potential destinations in the Kingdom of Cambodia such as: Seim Reap Angkor Wat temple, the world heritage Preah Vihear temple, Eco-tourism site such as Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri, Stung Treng province, IRRAWADI DOPHIN at Kratie province, the world’s most beautiful bay Preah Sihanouk, Kept, Kompot, Koh Kong province, Amethyst polishing site Pailin province, and the other tourism destinations.

Please click on our programs below:

​PP-Siem Reap-Culture Village-Koluen
Duration 4Days 3Nights 145$

​PP-Siem Reap-Culture Village-PHNOM KROM
Duration 4Days 3Nights 145$

​PP-Mundulkiri-Sea Forest Mountain
Duration 3Days 2Nights 178$

​Phnom Penh-Ratankkirri-Mundulkiri
Duration 3Days 2Nights 178$

Duration 3Days 2Nights 195$

​Phnom Penh-Koh Kong
Duration 3Days and 2Nights 127$

​PP-Pailin-Battam Bong
Duration 2Days 1Night 168$

​PP-Sihanouk-Thansour Island
Duration 3Days 2Nights 195$

​PP-Kompot(Nataya)-Kep(Tropeng Srea)
Duration 2Days 1Night 125$

​PP-Vi-Kirirom-King's House
Duration 2Days 1Night 88$

​PP-Kompot(Nataya)-Kep(Tropeng Srea)
Duration 2Days 1Night 125$

Phnom Penh-Love Island Resort
Duration 3Days 2Night 193$


Field Trip of BELTEI IS Grade 12 Students to Sambo Prey Kuk Temple
Family Trip of Alliance Pharma Canbodge to Sihanouk Ville Organized by BELTEI Tours & Travel
Annual Trip for BELTEI Tour Staff to Haven Island Organized by BELTEI Tour

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